On The Usage of Urban Spaces at MMOG Nation

  • May 03, 2023

The urban environments found within these large-scale MMOG games can be so much better. What I mean is that the general feeling around this is that the exciting gameplay tends to happen outside of cities. This automatically makes the game push the player and the game objectives out of the cities, when in reality there should be more of a balance; especially when you consider the amount of work and the beauty of some of these dead ‘ghost town’ areas in online gaming.

There are several examples of this, for instance in World of Warcraft, a game that was very much ahead of its time, still exhibited a lack of attention towards some city spaces—one example being Darnassus. To be fair with Blizzard they always had this feeling of the cities being quite populated, even if it is just to be able to walk in a city and have it feel like a city i.e have random people walking about patrolling the streets ‘living their day’.

This was probably a symptom of the whole ‘quality over quantity’ ethic of WOW, where especially at the time and for many different reasons, it did seem like there was nothing like it; and in fact it remains a reference for many developers today who work in the world of online gaming. Along with World of Warcraft, another notable mention for its great use of non-player characters (NPCs), is Final Fantasy XI— although to be fair it was a smaller world than that which Blizzard had to deal with, but nonetheless, it was remarkable.

One of the issues which could have been dealt with in a much better way was the fact that intra-city living in the games was not much of a thing. By this, I mean that users were restricted to build their houses a certain distance from the center of the main cities. Of course, this creates a player city of sorts which is super cool as well,but having players build deep in the center of a city makes it more tangible and real. A fantastic example that could prove to be a solution would be instanced neighborhoods, such as the ones in Dark Age of Camelot

Imagine how it would be if you can randomly generate a name for each and every instanced neighborhood the minute it’s created, and this place could be referred to between players; in other words, one player could just invite a friend over to their house.

We have to take into account that housing in these kinds of games is an extension of the player’s personality; in the same way that one’s real house is that as well, as well as anything else that reflects their taste. As thin an argument as this might sound, when you question yourself on why you have a certain kind of object on a shelf and another in the drawer, you start realizing that in some way it does reflect a certain part of you, and the same applies in games.

This argument could be expanded onto even the type of games that are played as being themselves an extension of the players’ personality. Perhaps the most obvious dimension of gaming that really blatantly demonstrated this is igaming and online gaming gambling. Let’s have a quick look at this world.

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